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Friday, July 2

This morning we got to sleep in--until 7:00, that is. The train left Salzburg at 9:05, and we needed the extra time to get to the station. We ended up with about 10 minutes to spare; enough time for breakfast. Oh, that's something I loved about Austria (and Germany)--there's a bread shop on every corner. Yum. The ride was an hour and a half long, though it seemed shorter while we were reading up on Munich. Upon arrival, we booked a place to stay on the first try. When we got there we saw that the room was pretty big, with a tv and fridge too. The location was also very close to everything in town. After leaving our stuff there, we ~ran~ to see the Glockenspiel do its thing at noon. It turned out to be a bit disappointing, but it was still neat because you'd never see anything like it in the U.S.

Then we ate lunch at a cafeteria-type place, which turned out to be wonderful. We didn't have to read a menu, we just pointed at the foods we wanted. Greg got his meat, and I got my pasta. :-) Right after lunch we headed back down the street we'd only run by before. We went into a store the guidebook recommended and bought a cuckoo clock after much deliberation. They cost more than we had anticipated, but we finally agreed on a medium-sized one for a little over $300, including shipping. We were sad that we couldn't really afford a nicer one, and we kept wanting bits and pieces of other clocks all put together. But overall, we were happy with the one we got.

Then we went to the Deuches Museum, which is a huge technology museum in Munich. We arrived there about 2:30 or so and felt rushed up until they closed at 5:00. The amount and depth of each exhibit area was just amazing. It was really great, except that there were only English translations about half the time. After that museum we just sat outside on a bench for a while. Our feet just wouldn't stand up any more. We eventually made our way back to a restaurant near the Glockenspiel, which served--guess what--meat and potatoes. Greg really liked the food here. I'm sick of meat, personally. We wandered the streets for a while after that just looking around. Then we went back to the room and got to bed fairly early. Good thing, since the next morning's train left at 6:50.


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