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Tuesday, July 6th

Wow, things have been crazy here. We only got back on Sunday night, yet we had classes Monday morning. Fortunately, Dr. Ganus postponed the test he had promised. :-) Monday afternoon we slept some more, in addition to planning our next trip. Believe it or not, we leave again on Wednesday afternoon for another five days of free travel. Ugh, I want to rest; travel is so exausting. I don't even remember what else happened on Monday. Oh yeah! I got ahold of Erika Biral, and talked for maybe three or four minutes (until the phone card ran out). She's apparently in med school now and has a huge test on July 19 and wants to do something with us ~after~ that is over. So we'll probably have dinner in Milan with her on our way out of Italy in August. That was so neat to talk to her.

Today we got up early and everyone went to the Tuesday Market in Florence. It's kinda like the local Wal-Mart, because they sell a ~lot~ of stuff. It's just a whole bunch of individual shops, though, all lining the street in tents. It was fun, but we didn't buy anything. Then we went into town and looked up info at the internet place. We booked a room for Interlaken in addition to finding out about Greg's canyoning stuff there. That part worked out pretty well. Then we went to the train station and had to wait ~forever~ to make reservations. Everything worked out except the train from Bern (near Interlaken) to Paris, which was full. We still don't know what to do about that, but we'll figure something out soon. Classes were after dinner tonight, so we had the afternoon to study and nap some more. I can't believe how ~hot~ it is here now! Our teachers even consented to let us wear shorts to class, which is very surprising.

So we leave tomorrow on the 10:30 pm train for Geneva. I can't believe we're doing this again, so soon. It's really hard to get excited about it. :-( But I know we'll still have fun, even if we're too tired to remember it later. Oh, here's our plans:


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