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Wednesday, July 14

Well, back to classes for a while. Seven days in a row, to be exact. Tuesday afternoon we all took recovery naps. That night they took us out to a pizzeria that was pretty good. It was crazy trying to serve 40 people, though. We were also treated to gelati: pesca (peach) and stracciatella (chocolate chip) for me. :-)

Wednesday afternoon we had group pictures made. We all got dressed up and put on makeup, which isn't very representative of our time here. Oh well. That night we went to have dinner--hamburgers and hotdogs, sort of--at the Avanti Italia Bible School. That was fun and a nice change. Later that night we played volleyball for the first time in a while.

Thursday Greg and I went into town after lunch. I spent a lot of time online trying to circumvent Fortunecity's faulty upload system and waiting for the new Hotmail to actually work. It was frustrating. We also ordered tickets for Beauty and the Beast in London. :-) Then we went back to the Duomo and climbed to the top. The line was long, the stairs were tiny, and there were ~so many~ of them! It was overpriced, too. But the view--and the breeze--was incredible from up there. On our way back we got the best gelati I've had so far. Yum!

Friday I did some Greek homework in the afternoon. I'm not sure that's going to get finished before the fall semester starts. That night everyone went to a piano recital at the church building--wow, they let a piano in it!--by some girl that Dr. Casey knows somehow. However, halfway there we found out that the bus we usually take doesn't run anymore. We spent over an hour and a half trying to find another route. It was really sad. There were fifteen of us who didn't get to the concert until it was over! We got to hear two encore pieces, but that was all. Fortunately, those two were very good and impressive. It was a long, frustrating evening.


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