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Sunday, June 27

Well, there hasn't been a lot of excitement here the past few days. Classes, classes, and classes. Friday night there was a "party" here because another group of Harding students came through on their way home from a mission campaign. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, potato salad, and free cokes. I wasn't having a great day, so I was annoyed at all the loud people playing loud music. Not to mention that the burgers were cooked long before, so mine was quite lukewarm. But oh well.

Friday we also figured out our train schedule for the travel period coming up. That took me an entire two hours of headaches and tiny-print charts, but at least it got done. So Saturday we went into town to reserve seats on all these trains, but upon arrival we realized we had forgotten our Eurail passes. But we didn't really have time to do that anyway. We first went to the internet cafe to look up info on the cities we're going to. It took over an hour to find a listing of the concerts and operas going on in each place. Well, we found several pages listing the info, but they weren't in English. But we eventually found stuff which I'll list later. By that point it was time to come back for dinner. Then after dinner here we went into town yet ~again~ to make train reservations. Fortunately, we got there 15 minutes before the office closed (the director here told us it was open 24 hours--ha!) and managed to get seats on all the right trains. For the two of us, the entire reservations only cost a little over $80, which includes two nights in couchettes. In case you don't know, that's a really great price.

So our basic schedule is this right now (meaning that it may change at unforeseen obstacles):

So now that I've publicized our plans, it will be interesting to see how well we stick to them. We didn't have any options at all about what to attend at night (well, there were a few ballets, but apparently concerts don't compete with each other), but we're happy with what's playing. I think the dinner thing in Salzburg sounds really cool, so I hope it's worth the $40 a person! Greg is really excited and ready to get out of here. I'm feeling very relieved that we finally have plans, but I'm still worried just a bit at what may go wrong. Nothing big, but just a little. I guess it's because I'm a control freak and don't have much control right now.

I'm probably not going to take my laptop with me this trip. That means I'll have to write it all up when I get back, which I really don't like. I guess I'll keep notes on paper--gasp--for the days we're gone, because I really want to remember my first impressions. Our next travel session is just three days after we get back, so we'll probably do some preliminary work on that tomorrow. We may change our minds about some things after this first trip. Things like, I can't sleep on the trains because they make me sick, or something else. (Yes, I bought a lot of European Dramamine.)

Well, when I run out of things to say I should probably stop before I start rambling.


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