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Friday, May 21st

Wow, today was exhausting. We got up early and traveled a few miles to the harbor where we boarded a good size day-cruise ship. There were three decks that were mostly tables and chairs to sit on. It was a chilly morning without the sun shining, so Greg and I sat indoors instead of up top where the rest of the group was. Some lady came in and told us about the day trip. There would be three islands visited: Aegena, Poros, and Hydra. We had two hours on Aegena, and one on each of the others. It took about an hour to get to each of them. Well, then the ship started leaving the dock and I immediately got sick. So poor Greg got to listen to me moan for an hour. :-/

Of course, it eventually ended (after what seemed like eternity) and we got off on Aegena. The island was pretty, but to me it looked just like Athens, only smaller. There wasn't much to do except shop, which really tired us out. We sat down at a cafe with some ice cream for a bit, but then it was back to the ship for another miserable hour. The next island of Poros had (in my opinion) better shopping. Greg and I got a flower vase there for less than $10, and almost bought a ceramic plate. We kept looking for a plate we liked, but never found one. We still have several days here, though, so I'm sure we won't go home empty-handed. Greg wants to get a nice chess set, but I'm trying to talk him out of it. Yes, they're very nice, but it's a lot to pay for a tabletop decoration (neither of us play). Lots of people are buying jewelry here, but I'm not very impressed with it so far.

On the way back from the last island--a two hour trip--we played some game called "wink." I won't go into the details, but it involves extended eye contact with people. I found out that it's a great way to get to know others better and become more comfortable with them. Everyone was tired, though, and we all wanted a nap very badly. Unfortunately we had to eat dinner just as soon as we got back to the hotel tonight, which was after 8:00. The meal times are much later here, though breakfast is the same time with a lot less food. :-(

So today was fun, if tiring. My sunburn just got worse, though. I told the group that I may be red everyday from now on. Yeah, it hurts but it's just one of those things you learn to live with. Yes, Mom, I'm wearing plenty of sunscreen.

Well, tomorrow we're visiting the National Archaelogy museum and the Oracle of Delphi (later note: that's incorrect), so it will be another full and tiring day. I hope we can learn to live at this pace. Or at least that we can get in shape! My purse sure gets heavy after a few hours!


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