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Thursday, May 27th 9:00 pm

The island of Santorini was really neat. The only port is on the side of island where the cliffs are, meaning that the only way to reach the towns is to go up by cable car, donkey ride, or walk. Greg and I took the cable cars; 800 drachmas each for a one way ticket. Not very cheap, but they sort of have a monopoly on transportation.

At the top we saw a youth hostel and went in to inquire about rates. It was about $14 a night for a two-person room. Can't beat that! They also pointed us toward the local internet cafe, which was small but very nice. The programs were in Greek, but the icons are the same. So once I got to an English web page, things were fine. Hotmail is really slow sometimes, but it didn't help that I had a ton of junk mail to deal with.

Overall, it was enjoyable for me, though Greg was peering over my shoulder the whole time. I was on for about 30 minutes, which cost us three dollars. Not a bad price to pay, especially compared to phone calls.

So, tomorrow we get off this stupid ship at 7:00 in the morning. From there we immediately leave for Corinth and the Mycean (sp?) ruins. It's going to be a full and tiring day, but I generally enjoy that. As long as we have a decent bed to sleep in at night!

Well, I'm going to sleep away this headache now.


P.S. Wow! My adaptor just sparked and went out! That was really scary! Hmm, it's also smoking now.... I hope it still works, but I guess I shouldn't count on it. :-( Ha! Well looky here! My american plug fits perfectly into the outlet on the ship. It doesn't look like an American plug, so don't write me off as an idiot just yet. So I guess I'm alright for tonight, but I may not write much again until I can get another adaptor, and who knows when that will be. :-(

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