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The science of medicine is constantly changing. At the time of creation of each of these patient aids the information provided was considered acceptable medical practice for children and adults in generally good health, though not all treatment options are presented. Over time, new discoveries in medicine will undoubtedly make some information and recommendations obsolete. Attempts will be made to make ongoing changes to the pages to keep them up-to-date.

These Web pages are provided as a free service to the Fort Smith metropolitan area, as well as the Internet community. Efforts have been made to keep the information as simple as possible, which thereby prevents adequately thorough coverage for some medical problems. Since it is impossible to foresee every possible situation, it is not possible to cover every health care need. The recommendations found here must be weighed against your specific situation. Since some information is not complete, this Web site must not be used as a substitute for a consultation or visit with your physician.

Neither Michael S. Cole, M.D.; Sparks Regional Medical Center; Sparks Medical Foundation; nor any other organization or individual makes any warranty as to the completeness, reliabilty, or accuracy of the information provided here. The author of these Web pages is not responsible for the consequences of following the advice given in this website.

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