NOTE:  If the burn covers a large portion of the body, the patient should be transported to the hospital emergency room immediately.

Are there large blisters?
Is the burn bigger than the palm of the patient's hand?
Was the face, hands, feet, or genital area burned?
Are you in severe pain?
Are you having any trouble breathing?

If there is a CHEMICAL BURN, then see elsewhere.

If there is a SUNBURN, then see elsewhere.

ACTIVITIES:  Immediately run cold tap water over the area for 15 minutes. Do not put anything on the burn. Do not "pop" the blisters. Wash the burned area with soap and water twice daily and cover it with a clean, dry dressing.

MEDICATIONS:  Tylenol, aspirin, or Motrin may be taken for pain of minor burns. Take no more than the recommended dosage.

DIET:  You may eat anything you desire.


1. The pain becomes unbearable.
2. It starts looking infected.
3. If you have fever, chills, or vomiting.
4. There is no improvement in 3 days.

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