If this is Chest Pain, then see elsewhere.

If this is Back Pain, then see elsewhere.

If this is Earache, then see elsewhere.

If this is Headache, then see elsewhere.

If this is Heartburn or Indigestion, then see elsewhere.

The area having pain must be examined by a doctor before proper treatment can be provided.  If the patient was recently examined and has not improved, then a follow-up appointment is needed.  If the pain has worsened, then your physician should be notified promptly.

ACTIVITIES:  Avoid activities which worsen the pain.  Decrease physical activities until feeling better.

MEDICATIONS:  Tylenol, aspirin, or Motrin may relieve some of your discomfort.  Take no more than the recommended dosage.

DIET:  You may eat anything you wish unless it worsens your pain.  If there is no appetite or there is abdominal pain, then only liquids should be taken by mouth.


1. The pain becomes unbearable.
2. You develop fever.
3. There is no improvement in a few days.

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