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Stephen and Elizabeth COWAN

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Sarah Keeth
Samuel Cowan
the Latter Part of
1785 in S Ala

Elizabeth B[f]ford
married Soloman Long
first of 1805

Stephen Cowan
Elizbeth Long

Mary F. Cowan
W. E. Williams
1892 N of
Clarksville, Ark

A photocopy of this page from the song book was obtained from Roy COWAN (1908 - 1979, Chanute, KS), a grandson of Stephen COWAN and first cousin of Mary (COWAN) WILLIAMS. The current whereabouts of the song book is unknown.

Although this important family record was written in Stephen COWAN's song book, it is unlikely that he or his wife wrote this. The dates prior to 1892 were evidently from someone's memory. While there is no question that Stephen's parents were Samuel COWAN and Sarah KEITH, it is doubtful that they were married as early as 1785, when Sarah was probably no more than 7 years old. It is unlikely that they married in Alabama, but more probably in Tennessee where Sarah's siblings lived and married.

Stephen COWAN was born 7 March 1825. On 7 February 1847 at Buzzards Roost in Franklin County, Alabama, he married Elizabeth LONG (6 May 1828 - 13 August 1908). He died at Checotah, Oklahoma, on 11 October 1907 and was buried at Brush Hill Cemetery at Pierce in McIntosh County, Oklahoma.

Mary Frances COWAN, Stephen and Elizabeth's daughter, was born 23 December 1872 at Powers in Johnson County, Arkansas. Johnson County, AR, Marriage Book R, page 167, confirms that she married on 22 September 1892 to William Edward WILLIAMS (1872, AR - 1953, OK). Mary Frances died in 1951 in Oklahoma.

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