Will of Zachariah SULLINS

Zachariah SULLINS died in Rutherford County, North Carolina, between 8 November 1822 when he wrote his will and when it was proved in court on 6 January 1823. The will was recorded in 1823 in Rutherford County, North Carolina, Will Book F, p. 6. View the original immediately following the transcription below. Both were recorded in SULLINS - HANKINS, pp. 156-157, copyright © 1979, by Michael S. Cole, M.D. The will mentions wife Phebe and children John Fletcher, Noah, Josiah, Nancy, Salley, Jesse and William.

In The Name of God Amen I Zachariah SULLINS
In Rutherford County and state of North Carolina Being in a low
state of health and knowing I must shortly put off this body and
go the way of all flesh yet blessed with perfect sences and sound memmory
concieve it to be my duty to dispose of what little God has given me by
leaving this as my last will and testimony in manner and form follow
ing viz.
1  I give my Body to the dust to be buried in a decent Christian
Manner and that out of what I leave all my lawfull debts be paid
2ndly I give and bequeath to my beloved Wife Phebe one hundred acres of Land to be
laid of the Bedford 50 and the joining 50 including the houses and their advantages
to be hers During her Natural life then to belong to my son John Fletcher
at her Death
3rdly I give to my son John Fletcher one hundred acres Joining his Mothers above
4thly I give & bequeath to my son Noah one hundred Acres next above Joining John
Fletchers with 35 acres off of the Bedford tract where it buts against it
5thly I give and bequeath to my son Josiah one hundred acres Joining above Noah
with 18 acres off of the Bedford Tract where it buts against it
6thly I give and bequeath unto my two Dauters Nancy and Salley one hundred acres
The reamainder of the Bedford Tract Nancys 50 at the lower end nex to John
MORELANDs and the other 50 at the uper end to Salley
7thly I give and bequeath to my son Jesse all that land north of shoal creek
includeing the Mill Shoal with liberty to improve the same as it may effect by the
flowing of the water if it should not be a hundred acres he is to run down to
wards the river for that compliment with free previlidge to mak use of the spring
8thly I give and bequeath to my son William all the rest of the Siles s tract
with the houses orchards and other advantiges for his support during his natural
life to be rented or kept in regular cultivation with the Profits of the still to
him and his Mother and at his death to be divided Eaqually to his four Brothers
9thly The Wagon to remain a general utential for the benefit of my wife and 5 boys
10thly The stock Cattle Hogs Sheep with the farming Utentials for the general
use of my family so long as they can be supported together for family purposes
schooling taxes and other expenditures as may demand them
Lastly I appoint my two sons Josiah and Jesse my Executors to this my
last will and Testament to see that each clause be put in full force In
witness I here unto set my hand and seal to this, revoking all others by me
made This 8 Day of November 1822
                                                      Zachariah SULLINS
 signed In the presence of us
John C COWIN[?]

[Will proved and recorded 6 January 1823]

[Rutherford County, North Carolina, Will Book F, p. 6]

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