• An ahnentafel chart can show all known ancestors of the starting person, who is #1.

  • Multiply any ahnentafel number by 2 and you have the ahnentafel number for that person's father. Add one to the father's number to find the same person's mother. For example, the parents of #15 are #30 and #31.

  • All even numbers are men and all odd numbers are women.

  • Spouses are consecutive numbered pairs, with the husband having the lower number of the two numbers. For example, the husband of #79 is #78.

  • The ahnentafel number at the beginning of each generation is equal to the number of persons in that generation. That is, the 5th generation in the chart starts at number 32 and has 32 possible members.

  • Of all of the numbers in any one generation, the first half of the numbers are on the paternal side and the second half are on the maternal side.

  • Not all possible numbers in each generation are shown. Missing numbers are unknown or not proved ancestors.

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